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Client Portal Setup

Setup: Easy as 1 -2 - 3:

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How to Setup Your Portal

2 min 33 sec

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Welcome Email

- open your Welcome Email

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1. This is your Welcome email
You will receive from us a Welcome email. This email will be From: Neil R. Covert, P.A. It is delivered to you through our Actionstep system - which is our Client Relationship Management software.
2. Read this Welcome email
This Welcome email invites you to participate, at no charge, in our basic Client Portal. This Client Portal will give you 24/7 access to all of your estate planning documents as well as emergency instructions with simple how-to-use instructions.
3. Click on the "Continue to Portal" button
Hover and Click on the button labeled "Continue to Portal." A new web browser window should open up in your preferred internet browser. Proceed to Step 2.
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Create Your Account

- create your Username (email) and Password

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1. This is your Setup screen
After you click on the button in your Welcome email, you will be taken to this Setup Screen.
2. Your email is your Username
The email address you previously gave to us will be used initially as your Username. If you wish to add additional Users, simply fill out the "Add People to Your Portal" form and click "Add to Portal Now."
3. Enter your Password and Create Account
Enter a unique Password. You should typically use a combination of letters, numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. Once you click "Create Account" you will be taken to your Actionstep login screen.
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- login and enjoy!

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1. This is your Actionstep Login screen
After you have created your account, you will be taken to this Actionstep login screen. Simply enter your information if not already added and click "Login."
2. Actionstep is our Client Relationship Management system
We use a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage all of our clients and matters for each client. The advantage of using a system that has its own built-in client portal is that when a client wants to contact us, they can do so in a secure and encrypted format.
3. Explore your Client Portal
We urge you to explore and take advantage of your client Portal. Please watch all of the Video Tutorials we have created for you. We also have provided a number of PDF informational documents you can download to read.

Don't forget you can use the internal chat feature of your portal to talk to us in an encrypted fashion. Add your family, accountant, financial advisor so they can have access only to those portions of your Client Portal you select.

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